Di Perseroan, SDM Perseroan diidentifikasikan sebagai satu dari kunci strategi bisnis dengan prioritas utama, sejalan dengan budaya Perseroan TOPIC “Teamwork, Open communication, Passion, Integrity, Caring”. MPI memberikan Anda kesempatan untuk berkontribusi dan mendedikasikan diri Anda kepada perusahaan.

Legal Specialist

Head Office
- Perform as a company representative on handling legal matters both in internal and external scope 
- Provide a wide range of legal advice to executives in various business topics (industrial relation, workforce law, partnerships, abuse etc.). 
- Draft and solidify agreements, contracts and other legal documents to ensure the company’s full legal rights. 
- Work closely with the business teams to provide timely and appropriate advice in connection with commercial transactions, projects and strategy developments. 
- Liaise with and manage relationships with external stakeholders including lawyers and collaborate with internal stakeholders in handling issue resolution 
- Defining and rolling out legal and compliance policies across the organisation. 
- Coordinating with an expert from legal firms.
- Bachelor of Law 
- Minimum 2 years experience in Legal 
- Working experience as a Legal Counsel in the business environment. 
- Excellent knowledge and understanding of corporate law and procedures. 
- Demonstrated ability to create legal defensive or proactive strategies. 
- Sound judgement and ability to analyse situations and information. 
- Outstanding communication skills. 
- Attention to detail.
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